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The Faculty of Information Technology (University of Pannonia), together with the VEAB Information Technology in Healthcare Work Committee and the VEAB Operation Research Work Committee organize for the first time the Pannonian Conference on Advances in Information Technology (PCIT’2019) conference on May 31 – June 1, 2019. We invite research and development groups from Hungarian and foreign universities, research institutes, and industrial companies. The aim of the conference is that the participants get to know the latest research results of each other’s. The topics involves both the classical areas of Information technology and the interdisciplinary areas:

  • System design, software technology, software development, legacy and parallel architectures and their programing
  • Intelligent IT system, learning algorithms, optimization, and control
  • Image processing, computer aided graphics, virtual reality
  • Algorithms and data structures, numeric and non-numeric mathematical methods, data analysis
  • Info-communication and network infrastructures, cloud based services
  • Application of computer science, process synthesis, scheduling, embedded systems, healthcare, financial, and industrial application
  • Deterministic and stochastic system models, description of biological processes and neuron networks, modeling of mechanical movements
  • Signal processing, image detection, visualization, and processing, image retrieval, object recognition and video analysis
  • IT application of combinatorics, structural examination of discrete mathematical models, algorithmic complexity of combinatorial problems, approximation of discrete optimization problems, on-line scheduling problems
  • Medical IT systems, diagnostics and modeling of the brain and the cardiovascular system, analysis and synthesis of the nutrient intake, intelligent IT systems in telemedicine
  • Optimization of large systems and processes, analysis and synthesis of complex systems and processes
  • System theory, control theory, intelligent diagnostics of complex process systems, state and parameter estimation of nonlinear and stochastic systems, integration of renewables into the electric network

The submitted and presented articles are published in electronic proceedings with ISBN number.

Conference date: 31 May - 1 June 2019
Location: University of Pannonia, Faculty of Information Technology
Egyetem u. 10 Veszprém, H-8200 Hungary
Submission of papers available until 31 January 2019
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